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R&D and engineering

Rate International Oy is a Finnish engineering and project management company established in 1994.

Rate is specialist in R&D and engineering of specialized technical systems for various sectors, such as vacuum systems, railways, shipbuilding, oil&gas, oil spill response and microbiology.

Rate is also active in logistic services, consulting, marketing and sales.

World-class partners

In addition to Finland, Rate International has a long track record in serving clients and partners in several other countries, such as Germany, Sweden, UK, USA, Russia, Belorussia, Ukraine, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania.

Rate International Oy uses several state-of-the-art technologies and cooperates with its world-class partners, when developing new and advantageous solutions for clients.


Rate’s references include designing new types of river passenger vessels and icebreakers for Russian ship-owners.

Vacuum toilet systems

Rate has developed and delivered vacuum toilet systems for several ships, to more than 2000 railway passenger coaches in several countries, for two hospitals and to 200 toilet modules in Moscow.

Oil spill response equipment

Also, more than 100 specialized sets of oil spill response equipment have been developed and delivered to major Russian oil companies operating in Siberian oilfields, and for several oil spill response vessels.


In biotechnology markets, Rate has participated in the development of new microbiology-based inoculants for silage clamps in milk farms, and taken part in formulating several innovative products for industrial and consumer sectors, which are now sold in several countries.